Soft yellow in color, aromas are bright and commanding with citrus, vanilla and subtle cinnamon. A light sweet entry, bears fruit to the mid palate with a delicate flavorful finish.

Hecho en España, Vermut de Madrid

Cardamom • Wormwood • Cinnamon • Clove • Orange Peel • Lemon Peel • Gentian

Spritz de Mûre

2 oz. La Pivón Blanco Vermouth

.5 oz. Giffard Crème de Mûre

.5 oz. Lemon Juice

.25 oz. Simple Syrup

Sparkling Water

Build vermouth, lemon and simple syrup in a shaking tin with ice, shake for 7-8 seconds. Strain into glass and fill with sparkling wine. Use a bar spoon to add crème de mure to the bottom of the glass. Garnish with a long lemon twist using a channel knife.